Ação Judicial na Consulta CPF OnLine

Ação Judicial na Consulta CPF OnLine

For anyone who is about to make a commercial transaction, a fundamental step is to check whether their commercial partner is up to date with their finances. And the most efficient and safe way to guarantee a successful partnership and find out about the Financial Pendency and Legal Action in the CPF OnLine Consultation is through Consultas Prime.

According to published data, there are 63.8 million defaulters in Brazil. In other words, more than 63 million people had outstanding bills or debts accumulated by November 2019. With the situation of the Codiv-19 pandemic, the tendency is for this number to grow even more in 2020.

And do you know how to make an inquiry at the credit bureaus in Brazil? In addition to experian, there are three other bureaus in the country: Boa Vista SCPC, SPC and Quod.

Through Consultas Prime , you can check your situation using CPF Online.

How important is a credit inquiry?

First of all, it is important to highlight that each credit bureau requires its own online registration. With Consultas Prime, it is possible to Consult CPF Online and check the financial pending, Score and Legal Actions.

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The complete CPF consultation is completely online and provides the highest level of detail throughout the country. The CPF OnLine Consultation also provides detailed information about the CPF registration form analyzed, whether there are pending Pefin/Refin issues or national protests in the individual’s name.

Credit analysis via CPF OnLine Consultation has the main objective of ensuring greater security when carrying out a commercial transaction. Either party can take advantage of a credit inquiry, as it is possible to check the situation of the person or company with which they are going to close a deal.

In this way, the Credit Consultation carries out a complete check and determines whether the parties involved in the purchase/sale process actually have the necessary conditions to honor their financial obligations.

To learn more about how to carry out a CPF OnLne Consultation , in addition to CNPJ, access our article Credit consultation: learn how it works in practice and find out about the necessary processes.

Collection action in Online CPF Consultation

Sometimes, when carrying out the analysis, we find a legal action in Consulta CPF Online . A legal action occurs when one party, who feels aggrieved, sues the other and requires State interference to resolve the conflict.

Justice, in turn, is responsible for clarifying the facts and judging the merit of the case and who deserves to gain or lose a benefit. In the case of debts or late payments, for example, collection action can be taken.

As a result, collection action is when a person charges a debt in court to resolve a disagreement regarding payment. In the Online CPF Consultation , some cases of pending legal action may arise. Next, check out the possible actions to be checked.

Tax Execution in Online CPF Consultation

Firstly, tax enforcement action is provided for by Law 6,830/1980 . This is, in simple terms, a legal demand for the collection of an active debt owed by Fazenda Pública.

Tax enforcement aims to clarify a situation of default, both for taxes and non-tax amounts. Non-tax debts are any amounts other than taxes that are owed to the Public Treasury.

According to the provisions of the law, tax enforcement action may be taken against:

  • Debtor;
  • Guarantor;
  • Estate;
  • Pasta;
  • Responsible for debts;
  • Successors in any capacity.

Legal Action information is optionally provided in the Consultas Prime Online CPF Consultation . If the basic report does not meet your needs, you can request more information for additional fees. Among this data is the status of legal action processes that come out in the Complete CPF Consultation.

Once the action is admitted by the Court, the debtor will have five days to pay the active debt or nominate assets for seizure. Such goods can be:

  • Money;
  • Public debt or credit title;
  • Precious stones and materials;
  • Properties;
  • Ships and aircraft;
  • Vehicles;
  • Furniture;
  • Miscellaneous rights and actions.

Legal Action in Online CPF Consultation

Due to an imbalance of expenses and accumulated debts, in the Online CPF Consultation , it may appear that the individual has some legal action

Another important question is whether there is any blocking of assets. Judicial blocking is when the State totally or partially blocks a current account, freezing the resources deposited there.

This blockage can happen exclusively legally, when a debt is collected in court. Thus, the Central Bank will only send the blocking notification after the process has passed through the hands of a judge who deemed the freezing necessary.

All judicial blocks are carried out solely by BacenJud , managed by the BC.

Vehicle Consultation at Consultas Prime

In the case of a vehicle search and seizure lawsuit, for example, the fact will also appear in the Online Vehicle Consultation . This occurs in fiduciary alienation, when the person’s own vehicle will be given as collateral in case payment is not made in accordance with the contract.

In this way, the automobile becomes an object of contract, subject to search and seizure in accordance with the Law in case of non-compliance with payment or other previously agreed contractual clauses.

Anyone who owns a financed asset, in this case, a car, does not have possession of this asset until all installments of the purchase have been paid. Ownership of the asset, or fiduciary property, belongs to the creditor until the debt is fully paid.

Thus, the credit financial institution can take back the financed asset in case of non-payment of one or more installments, for example.

Finally, we highlight the importance of the Online CPF Consultation to evaluate a commercial transaction in accordance with the requirements of all parties involved. This way, you will be able to carry out your buying and selling process as safely as possible.

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